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Animals, Elephants, Pets in Thailand.

Friends of the Asian Elephant (FAE)
FAE assists elephants by improving living conditions, aiding survival and adjustment within natural surroundings. It aids researchers and caretakers of elephants, gathers and publishes data.
Thailand, Jewel of the Orient
About Thai animals and nature. Buy video online. Also features the history of Thailand, introduction to Thai Buddhism, and travel information.
Elephant Nature Park
A park dedicated to the survival and development of Thai elephants. Set in a verdant rice growing valley the park is an ideal spot for a day of understanding these wonderful creatures.
Rainbow Gifts-USA
Specialists in elephant gifts, elephant art, elephant dung paper, and other fine items at affordable prices.
Situated at the Royal Elephant Kraal and Village Ayutthaya, we are running a program to retire old working elephants. The ElephantStay is the accommodation for participants.
Nonthaburi Equestrian Sports Club (NESC)
The Nonthaburi Equestrian Sports Club (NESC) is a leading riding school spread over more than 12 rai adjacent to ISB at Pakkred in Northern Bangkok. NESC provides professional riding lessons with foreign and Thai instructors and more than 25 well–trained horses.
Thailand Bird Watching, Khao Sok National Park
Thailand bird watching and birding tours. Explore the exciting nature of Thailand with our birding tours by Paddle Asia in Khao Sok National Park Thailand.
Thai Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The TSPCA will seek peaceful ways to involve young people and the general public, in campaigns to increase their awareness of animal’s needs, and their support in curtailing unnecessary suffering.
Elephant Dung Paper, Lampang
We cut down no trees, we add no dangerous chemicals we just take the dung of elephants and turn it into paper!
Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang
Welcome to changthai.com, the only website you need to get close to elephants, nature and trekking. We offer information and real elephant experiences. Get closer and learn more about elephants!
Thai Society for the Conservation of Wild Animals
The Thai Society for the Conservation of Wild Animals (TSCWA) has been working since 1996 to improve the welfare of animals and better conserve wild animal populations in secure sanctuaries throughout Thailand and Laos. We treat all animals equally.
Soi Dog Foundation, Phuket
Soi Dog Foundation is a not–for–profit, legally registered charitable organization, based in Phuket, Thailand, with the aim to reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats and to better the lives and living conditions of the street and stray dogs and feral cats in Thailand.
Chum Sang Song Kram Kennel, Phitsanulok
The Bangkaew is a square built, well proportion dog with wide and deep chest. He has double coat with ruff around neck and shoulders and a pluming tail. Temperament : He is alert, intelligent, loyal, watchful and obedient. He has an inherent desire to protect home and family and can be trained to work. Height measured at the withers : dogs, 48–53 centimeters. Bitches, 43–53 centimeters.
Pin Farm Thailand
My name is Yutthana Imanothai. I own a farm called "Pin Farm" to breed 500 pairs of male and female Lovebird. Also, I have a bird shop name "Pin Shop".
Snakes in Thailand
Mr. Manfred Jung, has for years been gathering information, facts, photos and has developed a deep affinity for snakes in Thailand.
Safari World
Safari Park comprises a Safari Park populated by African and Asian mammals, a Marine Park with performances of well–trained dolphins and seals, a Bird park and a Games Corner. Located in Minburi.
Siamese White Racing Pigeon
Describes the characteristics of a white racing pigeon, bred by an ophtalmologist at Yanhee hospital.
Elephant Reintroduction Foundation
The foundation is dedicated to a management system for rehabilitation of captive elephants and habitat preparation to ensure successful long–term sustainability after their return to the wild.


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