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Farm and Food Equipment and Machinery, Thailand.

Film Master Co. Ltd.
We can be entrusted to produce beautiful transparent quality packaging to preserve your products, whether they are instant noodles or any other snacks. We offer efficient preservation techniques.
Lucky Flame Co. Ltd.
Lucky Flame Co., Ltd. has been a manufacturer of gas appliances and accessories for more than 25 years. We ignite happiness in every household.
Kaset Phattana Industry Co. Ltd.
Kaset Phattana distributes farming equipment like combine harvesters, threshers, trucks and tractors.
Freser International (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Freser International provides beverage dispensers, ice machines, slush machines, chillers, refrigerators, cake displays, food equipment, grills, pop corn machines, bun steamers, cookers, beer coolers etc.
A&S Thai Works Co. Ltd.
A & S Thai Works provides quality fishmeal machinery, that processes raw fish, fish waste and tuna-waste. Based on technology from advanced fishmeal plants in Denmark and Norway.
Sutthiphong Engineering Co. Ltd.
Canning and Can–making equipment. Precision container press tooling. Seaming rolls and chucks. Tuna and pineapple processing equipment. Angelus/Canco can seamers and spare parts.
Thai Film Industries Public Co. Ltd.
We are among the top ten BOPP film manufacturers in the world, and have the world’s largest BOPP plant capacity in a single location.
Varin Food Machinery Co. Ltd. - Seal Precision
Canning & Can making equipment. Precision container tooling. Seaming rolls & chucks. Engineering support. Angelus, Canco, Varin models.
Min Sen Machinery Co. Ltd.
Since its inception, the company’s trading activities have revolved around importing and servicing machinery and engineering products for agricultural and industrial purposes.
Benjamit Packaging Co. Ltd.
Our metal products include general can, pencil box, metal box, saving can, tray, metal card, etc. Moreover, our new plastic products are plastic cups and lids.
C.B.Food-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Equipment and machinery used in numerous industries, primarily in the Agro–Industries, including all types of Food Processing, Bakery Processing, and in energy conservation, water and wastewater treatment fields.