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Unfortunately, we had to decide to disallow direct admission of websites to our web directory. Just too many inappropriate sites etc.

IMPORTANT : If you do not follow the guidelines provided below, your site will most likely not be listed.

Submitting involves the following steps :
1. if your website is already listed.
2. Read the page below carefully.
3. Send an e-mail with the following :

a. The URL or web address of your website
b. The title of your website. The title should be the same as the one appearing on your website. We do not accept GENERIC TERMS (ex. Bangkok Property ; Thailand Web Hosting etc.) If there is no clear title for your site, indicate that the URL can be used instead.
c. A description of your website. (see below)
d. Optional : About 15 keywords related to your content. Our internal search function takes also keywords into account. We suggest you use words not already covered in your description.

Your e-mail to us NEEDS TO INCLUDE A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR WEBSITE. We will still visit your website and maybe change the description you provide, but we will no longer consider submissions that do not include a description. A description should talk about what your website is about (not how efficient or customer oriented etc. you are), and/or what your main activity is. It can be about 300 characters long.
Description should be in standard English. No inappropriate abbreviations, no SMS language.
No words should be in all capitals, but punctuation should be accurate, and capitals used when required.
We are a bit tired of correcting sloppy texts, so do not send us descriptions where most of the words are capitalized. We will simply not add the site.
We do not want any hubris in the text of your description. Your description should not be contained in any 'running text', but simple use the following format :
Description : ........

Listing in our web directory is a FREE service.


1) English language websites only. Bilingual websites allowed, if possible submit the link to the English version.

2) Only Thailand-related websites!

3) Plainly pornographic sites will not be allowed. No objection to photographic sites with nude artistic images. Any nudity should however be displayed inside the websites, and not on the entry page (this also applies for medically inspired sites). Gambling, sites promoting illegal activities, hate sites will not be accepted.
No websites that seem to be solely built to show advertisements.

4) No mirror sites.

5)We do not list websites anymore, providing only hotel reservations and bookings (disguised as travel sites or not). Individual hotel websites are still most welcome!

6) We prefer websites with a proper URL. While exceptions are possible, we are not enthusiastic about including freely hosted websites at geocities.com and related services. Our experience tells us they simply tend to disappear, and we are very active in avoiding broken links in our directory. We also do not really like sites that are redirected. We are biased against anything other than a regular URL like 'www.yoursite.com'. Subdomains as parts of a large site may also possibly simply be discarded.

7) In general, newly admitted websites will be listed high in their subcategory, and then slowly slide down the list when new sites are added.

8) Websites are listed in only one subcategory, although we are working on a way to list websites in multiple subcategories.

9) Your website, after being listed at www.aboutthailand.info , may also appear in other directories.

10) Your website should be 'looking OK' in the two most relevant browsers : Internet Explorer and Firefox. We look at everything with Firefox as our preferred browser. We do accept websites that are not exactly aesthetically pleasing. However, we decline to list 'sloppy' websites, where little care has been taken in making things readible and easy to navigate.

11) We are clearly biased towards adding any relevant sites to our web directories. Individual (certainly small) websites will certainly benefit from being listed. Therefore, we tend to think webmasters should take at least minimal care when submitting websites to our directories. We do mark your site according to all that is mentioned above, and also take into account its relevance and appearance. If your site is not added, please revisit the comments made above.

12) We do not list website that are 'under construction' or lack properly working links. Our software also regularly checks for broken links and 'under construction' websites.

13) We do not intend to be a relay station for websites that seem to be more interested in displaying advertisements than to provide original content. Our cut-off point is three or more advertising blocks by the best known ads provider within one page view, or any inappropriate incentive used to goad visitors into clicking ads.

14) We are not really into adding chat rooms, forums, and anything resembling a blog site. All too furtive and superficial, we think.

15) We do not list sites that display popups or popunders. It is important that popups are sometimes launched by third party code on your site. For example, the rather common counter Webstats4u.com (formerly known as Nedstat) uses its code on your site to display popups without you actually realizing it (they do not display every time you visit a site, but often do with the first visit and once occasionally later on). We will not list anymore sites that use this counter.