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Tropical Fish Breeding in Thailand.

E-waterplant.com - Aquatic Plants and Tropical Plants
ewaterplant : We offer a wide selection of aquatic plants, water lily, lucky bamboo and are the source for tropical plants from Thailand. Our aquaculture specialists have 32 years experience working with freshwater aquarium plants, pond plants, tropical water lily Thai, lucky bamboo and tropical fish.
Lim Chareon Import and Export Tropical Fish Co. Ltd.
Lim Chareon Aquarium exports freshwater aquarium fish and tropical fish from Thailand. We have more than 200 species of tropical fish, over 60 strains of Discus and over 100 species of aquatic plants available in our stock. Also distributor for the local Thai ornamental fish market.
Siamcrowntail Exporters
We are one of the top breeders and exporters of Malawi, Discus, Flowerhorn and Livebearers in Thailand. If you really want to buy quality ornamental fishes, our prices beat what’s offered by our competitors.
Takrit discus farm
Mr. Takrit Cheewaputtisakul, He is one of the oldest professional discus breeder and one of the best discus exporter in Thailand at high quality, good conditions and healthy to all over the world.
P&Y Discus Co. Ltd.
P&Y Discus Fish Breeder and Exporter, Discus Fish Hatchery. Our farm has all species of discus fish including Blue Diamond, Pegion Blood, Pegion Pearl, Red Melon, Tomato, White Diamond, White Red, Leopard, Leopard Snake Skin, Zebra, Golden Leopard Snake Skin and Gold Master etc.
Freshwater Tropical Fish Exporter
Import tropical freshwater fish with 100% survival rate guaranteed! We are exporters of discus, betta, goldfish and 22 other categories.
P & P Aquarium World Trading Co.Ltd.
With over 17 years experience in the tropical fish industry, P&P is ready to support you in every aspect of fresh water tropical fish sales. Hundreds of varieties of tropical fish.
Nam Sai Farms Co. Ltd.
Breeder of mono–sex Tilapia strain fish. Our emphasis over the past few years has been research and development into new strains of tilapia with superior colour, body shape and growth rate.
Grand Aquatic (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
We are specialized in exporting live freshwater tropical fish and water plants from thailand. Guppy, Betta, Shark, Botia, Loach, Cichlid, etc.
Siam Blue-Green
Siam Blue–Green is an exporter of freshwater tropical fish from Thailand, specializing in all kind of Discus, Fancy Koi, Show Betta, Fancy Guppy.


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